Melbourne Wearable Art Series #6 - Eoin Cassidy

Melbourne Wearable Art Series #6 - Eoin Cassidy


Artist BIO/Statement:

Born and raised in Melbourne, Eoin developed an interest in the Arts from a very young age. With life taking him in different directions after completing his schooling, Eoin has come full circle and returned to art in recent years after feeling something was lacking.

Frequenting the various life drawing groups across the city for a few years now, Eoin has found a strong interest in the study of anatomy and understanding of the human form. Being an educator himself, he places a high value on his studies and sees each project as an opportunity to advance his skills 

With this project, Eoin wanted to take the knowledge he’d built through his extensive practice in drawing hands and work without reference relying only on his visual library to apply what he had learned. The piece is titled ‘You got this!’ and is intended to portray the mentality which allowed our great city to come together and support one another as we pushed through the tough months in lockdown.