Lavendar Series #1 - Mikeyxxi

Lavendar Series #1 - Mikeyxxi


Whatever you call it, Melbourne-based artist Mikey, has 25+ years experience in it…

Any surface any size any theme . From character & graffiti art to abstract pieces & portraits, Mikeys large and diverse portfolio will show he constantly rises to any challenge & loves the creative process along the way.

Introduced through hip hop music, Mikey started tagging in 86 and has been influenced by NY subway art and breakdancing over the years. He also has a background as a Bboy (Dance) and Mcee (HipHop musician), embracing and sharing all of his creative talents.

Starting out on the wrong side of the law in mid 90s with illegitimate art. Mikey was introduced to more legal creative spaces and worked with established artists and learnt to take on other styles too.

Since then he has refined his own unique style and diversity for themes, creating hundreds of murals  over 3 decades that are showcased both free to the public eye in the street and commissioned pieces that adorn the walls of private homes. Mikey has also worked on multiple council and corporate projects – painting any surface from walls and canvases to set designs and vehicles … and much more!




IG: mikeyxxi